Why should I make contribution to this organization?

  • Because children and youth in Liberia are still suffering from the aftermath of the civil war
  • The illiteracy rate in Liberia is about 80%
  • The life expectancy and infant mortality rate have been compromised due to lack of medical care and modern technology.
  • Unemployment is 85%

How will my donation be spent?

  • Building a school with boarding facilities
  • Developing wells and safe water operations
  • Providing health clinics in the school
  • All proceeds will follow strict accountability under Plant a Seed for a Child, Inc., board supervision.

How can I make donation?

  • Through our website
  • By credit card
  • By making checks payable to Plant a Seed for a Child, Inc.

Exactly where in Liberia will this school be built?

  • Bong County, Kokoyah District 

How far will your money go in Liberia?

  • Due to the fact that Liberia's economy today is equivalent to what the United States was experiencing during the 1930s and 40s, your money will go a long way. For example, $50.00 will pay most teachers' salary for an entire month.

Please call 216-407-3725 to make a donation or for further information.