Plant A Seed For A Child, Inc. is an organization whose mission is to enable Liberian children to obtain an education so that they may experience the joys of literacy, learn to use modern technology, and play their part in rebuilding society.

To educate children in rural villages of war torn Liberia by providing access to safe and clean water, and incorporate basic health clinics within the schools.

Specifically, Plant a Seed for a Child aims to:

  • Build several Christian elementary schools  with boarding facilities in the rural villages of Liberia

  • Build chapels in conjunction with these schools, as we believe that instilling faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is a vital part of the education we wish to provide

  • Incorporate basic clinics as part of the schools, since children's health care is largely neglected in the villages

In order to accomplish these goals Plant a Seed for a Child will also provide:

  • Clean water

  • Wheelchairs for children who have lost legs due to the war, disease, or polio

  • Assisted learning devices for children who have other disabilities, especially those who are blind


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PSFC President Janjay Davis-Bass recently flew to Liberia for the first time in many years to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony in the rural village of Gbarta, Kokoyah District in West Africa. We have added pictures and video to the Gallery of this great occasion. Remember, this is just the groundbreaking. We still need you help get these children the facilities they need. Don't forget to Donate.

Ground Breaking and Foundation





Building Begun